Creating paths around your outside spaces can help improve the appearance of your property, protect your lawn, and more. As such, it makes sense to choose the best materials, and many people end up having to decide between paving stones and gravel. Each option comes with its own pros and cons, but paving is generally the smarter choice. Here are just four reasons why.

1. Lasts Longer   

One of the major problems with gravel is that it isn't a stable surface. Small bits of gravel are going to move around over time, so you'll need to replace them every couple of years. Additionally, the fact gravel moves around so easily means you may notice ruts and holes developing across high-traffic areas. This tends to be more of a problem for driveways, but the inability of gravel to stay smooth and even can also be an issue when creating a backyard path. In contrast, paving stones will remain in place throughout their life and will not present the same problems.

2. Keeps Things Cleaner

One thing people often fail to consider with gravel is that it can create quite a lot of dirt. That's because dirt and dust tend to get trapped just on top of and below the surface. When you walk along your path, that dust and dirt are going to rise. It's not like you can dust or hose down a gravel path, so this problem can be tough to deal with. Luckily enough, it's not a problem you'll need to deal with when you opt for paving stones. Cleaning is much easier, and any dust and dirt that does accumulate aren't going to be disturbed as easily.

3. Improves Safety

Safety is always going to be a key concern, which is another reason why you might want to choose paving stones over gravel for backyard paths. Paving stones provide a solid surface underfoot that is resistant to slips and skids. In contrast, gravel will move under your feet. That means it doesn't provide much traction, and that can make it much easier to trip and fall.

4. Protects Equipment  

Finally, it's worth keeping in mind that gravel often spreads across outside spaces. This can be a problem even if only a few small bits escape the path itself since gravel can damage garden tools and equipment. Items like lawnmowers can be damaged when gravel gets inside, and that can mean facing expensive and inconvenient repairs. With paving stones, this simply won't be a concern.

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