If your property has several areas that are not used, you can easily have overgrowth occur. This overgrowth can attract bugs, rodents and other pests. It can also hide snakes and other concerning animals. With that in mind, you may decide to have the area cleaned. This process would require vegetation clearing by a landscaper. Here are some things to know about this type of clearing before you order the service. 

Bushes, Brush and Vines

The first thing you should know about vegetation clearing is that it deals with just that. Vegetation clearing does not usually deal with rock removal, tree removal or stump removal. It focuses on the vegetation. This means that bushes, brush and vines are the focus. For example, you may have old vines and plants growing in the vegetation. Some of these have thorns, such as berry bushes. All of this will be removed as part of the clearing. If there are any plants you would like to keep, you will need to uproot them before the clearing or ask your landscaper if uprooting and moving the plants is a service they offer. 

Ground Level Removal

The vegetation removal will remove the vegetation to the ground level. This means if there are any rooted bushes and brush, you will need to remove them. You can use landscaping services to have these items removed completely. Each landscaping service has different options for this. You may also be able to have the roots removed during the land clearing. This will give you a fresh plot of land to build on or to use for gardening or other options. It will also help to till the earth to prepare for any project you have in mind. 

Prevent Regrowth

A concern you may have is regrowth of the area. There are several ways to kill the vegetation off completely and still maintain the land for a project. One of the ways you can do this is through the use of spray chemicals. Your landscaping service can make suggestions on the types of sprays that can prevent regrowth. They can also offer services that can include regrowth prevention. 

Landscapers tend to offer several services including vegetation clearing. When you are ready to have landscaping tasks, including clearing, done on your property contact your area landscaper. They will assess the situation and discuss the landscaping service that will help with your needs. They will also discuss any other options that may be suitable for the property.