If you rent out your garden for special occasions like outdoor parties and weddings, here are some tips you should follow.

1. Fit a commercial sprinkler system

When people book a garden for a special event, they usually do so because of how beautiful this setting is. As such, if you want to attract clients and ensure they enjoy celebrating their special occasions and are pleased with the beauty of their event's photos, you must prioritise the health of the garden and ensure that its flowers and plants are always well-watered. Crunchy yellow grass and brown, wilting flowers whose heads and leaves are drooping from dehydration will deter people from booking your garden.

Having a commercial sprinkler system in place, with a timer catered to various plants, will keep your garden beautiful and healthy all year long. It's important not to opt for a domestic system instead, just because these systems are cheaper, as commercial sprinkler systems are more usually more robust and have more varied sprinkler settings that are more appropriate for a wider range of plant varieties; this is important if your garden is large and contains a plethora of different plants.

2. Always keep a copy of the sprinkler's irrigation schedule on hand

You should keep a copy of the sprinkler's irrigation schedule on hand and take a look at it before providing potential clients with times for coming to view the gardens. If you have a landscaper who manages the system for you, you should also keep in mind that they may need to adjust the sprinkler settings at different periods of the year, as certain plants may need more water during specific seasons.

If your clients come to view the gardens at a time when the sprinklers are due to go on, the water they emit might obscure some of the plants and some of the water might even land on the clients. This could result in the clients being unable to appreciate the true beauty of the garden's flowers and getting their outfits soaked; as such, it's important to ensure that the viewings do not coincide with the times at which the sprinklers automatically switch on.

While you could just switch off the entire system for a viewing, it's important to be consistent in your plant-watering schedule and as such, it's best to simply hold viewings before or after the irrigation sessions are supposed to occur.

To learn more about taking care of your landscape, contact companies that sell commercial sprinkler systems.