Here are some reasons why new landscapers should have several types of lawnmowers.

To ensure they can mow small and large lawns with equal ease

A landscaper should, at a very minimum have a motorised push lawn mower and a ride-on one. Whilst the latter is an amazing piece of equipment that can allow landscapers to mow their clients' largest lawns very quickly without having to subject their bodies to too much stress, they're not always easy to use on small lawns. As such, if a landscaper only has a ride-on mower, then they'll probably encounter issues when asked to mow the lawns of clients with modest-sized gardens.

For example, if a client has a winding, narrow grass pathway that they'd like a landscaper to trim, then this landscaper might not be able to drive their ride-on mower down this pathway, as this machinery would be too wide. In this situation, using a narrower push mower would be easier for the landscaper and would ensure that they didn't scrape any adjacent paving or flowerbeds with their mower's blades whilst doing this task.

So they can accommodate clients who need them to use a specific lawnmower

Sometimes, a landscaper's clients will ask them to use a certain type of lawnmower. For example, if a client cannot tolerate the loud noise of a motorised lawnmower and has to be present on the property whilst it's being landscaped, then they might ask their landscaper to use a manual lawnmower, which makes much less noise when it's in use. If the landscaper does not have this item, the client might either look for another one who does have it or might have to endure the stress the first landscaper's noisy motorised mower causes them. The latter might make the client reluctant to employ that landscaper again.

Similarly, if a landscaping client has a big garden, on which a landscaper would normally use their ride-on mower, but this client has asked them to create a very intricate design on their lawn when they cut it, then the landscaper might need to use a motorised push mower for this task, as they might not be able to make the sharp turns and create the intricate pattern their client has requested with a large ride-on mower (as a typical ride-on mower will cut quite a large expanse of grass at once).

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