Looking to transform your backyard into a pretty flower garden? Gardening is a pastime that brings great rewards with effort, but you need the right tools to get started and keep your plants healthy and beautiful throughout the year. If you're hoping to add flowerbeds to your garden, these five essential tools are a must-have.

1. Shovel

The first tool you'll need is a shovel, which is used for digging up the ground so that it can be shaped into a suitable level for planting flowers. A large shovel or spade is helpful for levelling large stretches of soil, while a small trowel is perfect for transplanting seedlings and purchased flowers.

2. Watering can

Next, you'll need a watering can to hydrate your flowerbeds and keep them healthy year-round. A smaller watering can will be lighter and easy to use, but they're not ideal for large expanses of garden. A bigger watering can with a large spout can cover large flowerbeds without the need for frequent refilling, but it may be hard to hold if you have mobility problems. To pick an appropriate watering can, weigh up its uses against your own needs.

3. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is useful if you're looking to move soil, gravel, or any other flowerbed substrate around a large garden. Wheelbarrows are also useful for moving large amounts of seedlings to different areas, allowing you to distribute your flowers easily. However, you're unlikely to use your wheelbarrow much after the original flower planting phase, so don't spend too much on yours unless you plan to develop your gardening hobby further. Some landscaping supply stores may provide wheelbarrows for rent if you don't want to invest upfront.

4. Garden fork

A gardening fork is a great universal tool for digging, loosening soil, and also weeding out your flower beds. A fork can be used in conjunction with a shovel to work the ground into a suitable shape and level. Forks are also great for digging up seedlings to replant in other areas of your garden without damaging the roots.

5. Gardener's calendar

If you're new to gardening, a planting guide calendar can help you learn when to plant the flowers you wish to have in your garden for the best growing results. A good gardening calendar will also tell you about all the popular plants in your region and where they are best situated. Some calendars also offer other tips on growing flowers, so you're sure to learn a lot. 

To learn more, contact a resource that carries landscape supplies.