A sports field on your property is indubitably an amenity to take pride in. And when you consider the amount of money it took to invest in an athletic field, you will quickly realise that this amenity functions as an investment too as it automatically bolsters the value of the property. Nevertheless, frequent use will eventually cause your sports field to look worse for wear. Some property owners will overlook maintenance services due to the belief that visual appeal is not crucial for their athletic field but you should note that appearance is not the only reason why upkeep is essential. If you have been putting off enlisting these services, here is a brief list of ways that professional sports field maintenance goes far beyond aestheticism.

Sports field maintenance keeps the grass healthy

Despite the popularity of artificial turf over the years, natural grass remains a top option for several sports fields, more so for individuals that are drawn to its organic appeal. Nonetheless, while the natural grass will feel great underfoot for a while, regular use of the athletic field will lead to the eventual damage of the grass blades. In addition to this, continual exposure to the sun during the summer months will cause the grass to yellow and lose its verdant hue. If you want to keep the natural grass healthy all year round, it is essential to invest in sports field maintenance services. Not only do the professionals carry out soil tests to ensure that the grass is receiving the right nutrition but they will also engage in fertilization, mowing and weed control to keep the grass as healthy as possible. The healthier the grass, the more use you can get from your athletic field throughout the year.

Sports field maintenance ensures the safety of athletes

One of the biggest concerns associated with playing intense sports such as rugby and football is the threat of concussions to the athletes. Although an individual can suffer a concussion due to physical contact with another player, there is also the risk of a concussion when they hit their head on hard ground. When your sports field is not receiving the right upkeep, it is only a matter of time before the turf eventually dies. In addition to this, lack of maintenance will cause the soil to harden and crack, making the ground hard and tough. Conversely, with sports field maintenance services you are proactively ensuring that the natural grass is thick enough to insulate athletes from injuries when they fall. Moreover, healthy soil and turf improve grip since the studs in the shoes penetrate the earth easily.

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