All across the world people are trying to figure out how to combat the effects of climate change and environmental degradation. One of the major problems is trying to revitalise areas that have featured heavy traffic and use in the past, which might have killed off the plants and grass. These places include construction sites, closed mines and big festival locations where, for a long time, the challenge to get plants to take back hold of the environment seemed impossible. Now, with the help of a revolutionary concept this hurdle seems to have a solution. The use of spray grass feeds hope into trodden down areas.

The Problem

The problem was simple: there is tons of dead space where no plants grow around areas that used to have high volumes of people, vehicles and equipment. If you add up all this infertile land it ended up being quite large, and that had a negative effect on combating greenhouse gasses, as plants are some of the most effective recyclers of carbon. A major issue in tackling this was that the land was often quite firmly compacted mud and dirt where it was tough to get grass and other plants to take hold. So how do you get grass to take root in dirt and mud that felt almost like cement?

The Solution

The simple solution was to create a mixture of seedlings, water and mulch that would stick to the earth for long enough that the grass would take hold. This was called spray grass because it was applied through a spraying mechanism. Once applied the spray grass would give the grass enough nutrients and water to survive what are often quite barren environments. Spray grass was also easy to afford because it didn't require too much special equipment and it could be applied quickly over vast swathes of land. 

How Do I Get Some?

Spray grass is sold in a variety of different mixtures retailed by multiple companies. The best way to find the right spray grass for you is to look at how close the contractor is and work outwards. Once you have found all the closest options you should engage with them and talk to them about your situation. Give them an approximate size they need to cover and what the conditions are like. See which contractor comes up with the best offer both in terms of cost and time to delivery. If there are a lot of companies that offer similar quotes then go with one that you feel most comfortable with and one that shares your passion for the project.