There are some materials that are more commonly used with a utilitarian purpose in mind than an aesthetic one. Gravel falls firmly into this category, as you will often find it in parking lots, in construction and in landscaping for pathways or borders. However, gravel does not have to be so mundane, and there is a growing trend to use it in more decorative ways. Decorative gravel has many benefits to other, similarly priced materials which makes it an attractive option for those looking at landscaping on a budget.

Colour Diversity

Decorative gravel is not the plain, grey stones that you will find used in driveways. On the contrary, decorative gravel can come in many colours from sunburnt orange to pearly white. If you have a colour palette that you are trying to fit the gravel into, then fear not because it will not be hard to find a variety of gravel that suits you. Most landscaping stores have these different variants in stock at all times, but if not, it is easy to get a more unique colour shipped in on short notice. 

Range Of Sizes

Contrary to popular belief, gravel stones do not have to be the tiny ones you are most familiar with. Gravel comes in all shapes and sizes, and many people use thicker varieties in their landscaping decorations. This is specifically because the size is different from the type traditionally used for mundane reasons, so there is no association with it in your design. Technically, almost any sized rock can be classified as gravel, but at most retail outlets, the largest style of decorative gravel you will find is roughly similar to that of a pebble. 


A more intangible aspect of decorative gravel is how it feels underfoot when walking on it. If you are going for a specific 'feel' in your garden, then you need to be feeling the stones in person. Larger, flat stones provide less of an audible crunch sound that is associated with traditional gravel. These are often used in more high-end designs with finely manicured and rich green lawns. On the other end of the spectrum, you have small, sharper-edged pieces of decorative gravel that are best used as part of a feature that is not meant to be walked on. In those cases, the texture helps create an authentic look and feel of an Australian garden. Creating a consistent thematic feeling across your garden is difficult but made slightly easier with some well-chosen decorative gravel.