If you inherited a home recently and want to sell it, then you need to make it ready for the market. Part of this process involves understanding the current tastes of home buyers. Ideally, homebuyers mainly prefer properties that enhance the outdoor living experience; therefore adding a patio will raise the value of the home. However, adding a basic patio is not enough because you have to make the space appealing. One way to achieve this is to use trendy pavers for the floor. This article highlights trending paver options you can choose from to help sell your property fast and for a reasonable amount. 

Large Square Pavers — Regardless of the materials used, pavers have traditionally been small. Whether made from bricks or wood planks, homeowners have only been able to choose small-sized pavers for their patios. However, this is rapidly changing as more people are moving from small pavers to big pavers that are commonly found in commercial facilities. The most common shape of these large pavers is square because the shape creates a sense of uniformity and order. For instance, paving contractors today get orders for pavers as big as 60 centimetres by 60 centimetres. A significant benefit of large pavers is that they are easy to maintain because there are few ridges where dirt and debris can lodge. 

Entangled Pavers — If there is one thing that homebuyers love, it has to be a patio that seamlessly bonds with the existing surrounding. How can you achieve this if the exiting lawn is all grass and you plan to use concrete or wood planks for the patio flooring? Enter entangled pavers. As the name suggests, entangled pavers are preferred by homeowners who want to entangle their patios with the landscape for an enhanced outdoor experience. For instance, if the lawn is purely grass, then you can space out the pavers and install artificial grass between them. This will create a flawless transition from the patio to the lawn. 

Tactile Pavers — Most homebuyers usually have children, and those that don't may plan on starting a family in their new home. With this in mind, safety ranks high in as far as the patio floor goes. This is where tactile pavers prove beneficial because they are primarily designed to offer adequate traction for children and the elderly. Moreover, tactile pavers are easily noticeable on dim or dark patios. This is a plus for the homeowner because it helps to save energy by delaying switching on of the patio light.