During the summer months in Australia, lawn grass seems to grow faster than it can be mowed thanks to the perfect growing conditions of rain and heat. However, if you do not keep the lawnmower in a good state of repair, you can quickly reach a situation where the grass is growing and you have no means to cut it. Here are two common signs your lawn mower needs repair and the reasons behind them.

Spluttering Engine

When you are pushing the mower and the engine begins to splutter and sound like it wants to stop, there are several reasons behind this. The first thing to do is to turn the lawnmower off and check to see if grass clippings are wrapped around the cutting blade and preventing it from moving freely. If there is no blockage beneath the lawnmower body, then the spluttering is caused by two possible issues:

  1. The filter is dirty and this clogging is preventing the airflow needed for your lawnmower to run smoothly.
  2. The spark plugs are old and/or dirty. Without properly operating spark plugs, the fuel cannot ignite to power the engine.

A lawnmower repairer can check and replace both the filter and the spark plugs for you.

Non-Starting Lawnmower

It is a nuisance when the lawnmower wants to conk out while working, but what about when the lawnmower won't start at all? There are two main reasons why this happens. Firstly, if the issue is caused by the starter rope being difficult to pull on or it is stuck and won't move at all, then the rope is either stuck within the flywheel, there is too much grass buildup around the cutting blade or the rope has snapped out of the starter mechanism. If the blade is clear of clippings, then your lawnmower needs professional repair.

Secondly, if the starter rope pulls freely but the mower will not start, then open up the fuel cap and check if there is any fuel in it. If empty, then it is simply a matter of pouring in some petrol. However, if the lawnmower won't start and the fuel tank is full, then there is possibly a blockage in the fuel line which is preventing the fuel getting to the spark plugs. You need professional assistance to unblock a fuel line.

Now that you know why your lawnmower is acting up, you must take it to a lawnmower repairer to get it up and running again properly. The sooner you do so, the faster you can get your overgrown lawn back under control.

Contact a lawn mower repair service to learn more.