A perfect lawn which is the envy of your neighbours is a lot less elusive than you think. Despite living in a country which can see devastating bush fires, droughts and floods all in a matter of weeks, a lush lawn can be had, and it begins with quality turf supplies. If you want to replace their lawn before winter arrives, here are the three commonly asked questions about installing new turf. By knowing this information in advance, you reduce the chance of making mistakes.


Before doing anything, it is important that when the turf is delivered, the ground it is placed on is at a correct depth so that the turf sits flush with paths and driveways. If your ground needs excavating before the turf is delivered, then you need to plan for this now. You need to account for the depth of the turf itself as well as the topsoil underlay. Once you remove the old turf, you may need to excavate according to the depth the new turf needs to be at. If you do not have this depth, then hire a local contractor to remove some additional topsoil for you. 


New turf is only as good as the base it is placed on, so your first step is ensuring that quality topsoil is in place before the turf arrives. Speak to the supplier about the specific underlay needs of your selected turf, and make sure you get topsoil that drains well. Your turf supplier may also be able to provide the topsoil you need. If they cannot, then ask for recommendations of a local supplier who can.

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Once the topsoil is in place, then you are ready to order your new turf for delivery. It pays to give some thought to the delivery date so that it coincides with a time when the turf can be laid within a day or so of arrival. Any longer than this and you risk the turf roots dying before they reach the underlay. The cooler the weather on delivery day, the more hours you have up your sleeve for the turf to be installed, but within about a day is usually best.

If you have any other questions regarding turf supplies, talk with your preferred turf supplier because they will likely have the information you need to help you obtain the lawn you so desire.